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Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Pahang (PKNP) was established on December 7th 1965 through LKNP Enactment  12/65 with its main responsibilities  to formulate, facilitate and implement  projects and ideas to upgrade the socio-economic well being of the state especially in the rural areas.



The main functions and activities of PKNP and its Group are focused on the following sectors:

Industrial Development

The roles and main activities of PKNP and its Group of Companies are focused on the following sectors:

The Industrial Division plays a key role in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Domestic Direct Investment (DDI) to invest in Pahang, as well as providing basic infrastructure in industrial areas developed by PKNP.

As a One Stop Agency (OSA), PKNP is responsible for the following:

  • Fostering an attractive investment climate for potential investors
  • Promoting foreign investment
  • Enabling a smooth application process for investors
  • Providing technical assistance and advice services

Property Development


The Property Development Sector is one of the sectors that contributes to PKNP's income, through the development of commercial and social projects that meet people’s needs.


  • Creating a modern city, complete with infrastructure that functions as an economic development centre for Bumiputera entrepreneurs.
  • Providing structured housing with complete infrastructure based on the financial ability of buyers and increasing Bumiputera ownership of property in Pahang.
  • Providing business opportunities and business space complete with infrastructure in the urban areas.
  • Assisting the government in implementing and monitoring projects that are under the government development programme as well as conducting PKNP and government social projects in rural areas.


Designing, developing and marketing property, which include housing construction and new and integrated city development in all potentially strategic areas throughout the state.

The Property Development Project is divided into three main functions:

1. Development of Commercial Projects (Housing and Shops)

The Commercial Project comprises 13,480 housing units and 1,082 shop units, which is one of the largest areas PKNP has been involved with since its establishment, either solely developed by PKNP or in collaboration with potential developers.
2. Development of New Cities

The development of 10 New City Projects involving 2,996 shop, kiosk and housing units that have been identified to become administrative centres with complete and systematic infrastructure.
3. Development of Social Projects

The development of social projects is the most significant development undertaken by PKNP. The roles and responsibilities taken are in line with PKNP’s objective to improve, promote, operate, and facilitate the social and economic development of this country, especially in rural areas for the welfare of the people. PKNP has also developed 31 Rural Growth Centres that involves construction of 391 shop and kiosk units which are more convenient and organised, with priority given to the Bumiputera to rent or own for a reasonable and affordable price, and is subject to the following government provisions:i. Incubators i. Incubators
ii. Office Lots
iii. Shophouses
iv. Kiosks

Investment Sector

Main Roles and Activities

The objectives of the Pahang State Development Corporation (PKNP) Investment Sector are to:

  • Invest in new and viable fields of investment.
  • Act as the trust body that coordinates investments between private and government sectors for the state government.
  • Contribute additional income for PKNP and the state government.

Types of investments under Pahang State Development Corporation (PKNP) include:

  • Joint Venture Investments/Projects
  • Investments in Subsidiary Companies
  • Property Investments
  • Fixed Deposit Investments
  • Direct Investment in Trading Securities

Bumiputera Entrepreneur Development

The development of Bumiputera entrepreneurs is one of PKNP’s main responsibilities as stated in its 1965 Enactment.

The sector is focused on producing competitive, advanced and competent entrepreneurs through mentorship, skills training, experience sharing and strategic business networking.

Through this sector, PKNP also plays a role in entrepreneurial development culture programmes involving students from schools across Pahang, with the allocation being fully funded by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF).

PKNP has developed affordable business premises to ensure Bumiputera entrepreneurs, especially in rural areas are able to run their businesses in a conducive environment.

To produce Bumiputera middle-class entrepreneurs, PKNP has taken the initiative of providing business spaces in shopping complexes in Kuantan.

PKNP Entrepreneur Development Transformation Programme Blueprint is designed to enable entrepreneurial activities to be implemented using a more focused and holistic approach that aims to produce competitive entrepreneurs in the global business world.

Under this programme, PKNP identified businesses according to their organisational functions, plans continuous improvement programmes to guide entrepreneurs and organises entrepreneur development programmes that are more integrated and holistic using available inputs or resources.

PKNP aims to produce 120 entrepreneurs under this programme.

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