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Administration & Asset Management


A) Lease Application

Application forms are available at the counter or via the Property Management Division Application Form "On-line" on the Website PSDC.

B) Type Premise Rental Deals

i) Residential
ii) Home Office / Shop Office
iii) stores / stalls
iv) Office Space
v) The Business Space Shopping Complex
vi) Workshop
vii) Building Factory
viii) Incubator Building

C) The Rental Deals

Process Duration Action

Submit proof of online application with one (1) copy of MyKad (for Individual Application) or Company Profile (for Company Application) to PKNP Marketing and Property Management Division

7 Days Applicant (Tenant)
Issue Offer Letter to tenant 1 Day PKNP
Return Acknowledgement of Receipt of Offer Letter

14 days from date of Offer to Rent Letter

Make advance payment for rent as stated in Offer Letter

14 days from the date of Offer to Rent Letter

Hand over premise key 1 Day PKNP
Prepare and sign Rental Agreement 30 Days Tenant/ PKNP
Pay monthly rent On/Before the 7th of every month Tenant

D) Monthly Rental Rates

Rental rates are set depending on the type and location of the premises.

E) Monthly Rental Fee

Monthly rent must be paid on/before the 7th of every month using any of the following payment channels:

  1. Payment counter at Level 15, PKNP Finance Division, Kompleks Teruntum;
  2. Collection agents hired to collect monthly rent at selected premises;
  3. Payment service at bank counters throughout Malaysia to PKNP’s Bank Simpanan Nasional account;
  4. JomPAY through internet and mobile banking with 40 participating banks including Maybank2u, CIMBClicks and BankIslam.biz.

F) How to Pay Rent

Payment can be made either in cash (at PKNP payment counter and through collection agents only) or via Internet Banking (JomPAY Online) or by cheque, bank draft, banker’s cheque, postal money, remittance or deposit.

G) Lease Agreement

The Rental Agreement will be provided within 30 days from the date of the Offer Letter and the rental period is 24 months (2 years) or 36 months (3 years) which may be extended if monthly rental payment record is satisfactory.

H) Complaint

Damage complaints can be made by phone or online through the Rental Property Management System or the PKNP Customer Complaint Form.

I) Type of Complaint

Damage complaints are complaints related to building structure damages not due to negligence or damage caused intentionally by the tenant, family members, guests or representatives.

J) Termination of Rent

Either party (PKNP/Tenant) may terminate the rent by submitting three (3) months’ notice.

K) Return of Deposit

The return of the deposit will be adjusted (arranged) after the submission of all required documents by the former tenant, with no rent arrears as well as no damage to the premises due to tenant’s negligence.

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